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Monday, June 4, 2012

My Farewell speech on passing-out from Eternal University

His holiness Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, President, The Kalgidhar Trust & Honourable Chancellor, Eternal University, Baru Sahib, Dr. M. S. Atwal, Honourable Vice-chancellor, Eternal University, Baru Sahib, Dr. I. S. Hudiara, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Eternal University, Baru Sahib, Respected Faculty members, Respected would-be-Engineers in 10 days and my beloved juniors. I, Vishal Sharma, 4th year, feel extreme privileged and honoured to be given an opportunity to share my most memorable 4-year experience at Eternal University, Baru Sahib.

Please don’t expect that this is my last oration from the stage of Eternal University auditorium because I expect to come back again and again to this divine valley, exploring the world around and sharing the same with my future juniors in time to come. Though, you can consider it to be my last speech as a student of Eternal University.

It was on 10th July 2008, that I attended my first ever admission counseling at Hotel Shivalik, Chandigarh, seeking admission in one of the most promising and budding engineering college of Himachal Pradesh, having proven its worth in HPU Engineering Examinations Merit lists. I and my dad were so impressed by the way University management at Shivalik hotel presented their university portfolio, that my dad decided to get me admitted in this very University.  Though I had already cleared the admission test allowing my entry to the Best Private Engineering University of India, SRM University, Kattankullatur, Chennai. But, my mother’s caring-ridden love, didn’t allow me to go 2,029 kilometers away from Shimla. Many of my juniors ask me why I came to Eternal University. The answer is my destiny led me to be a part of this unique university for the next 4 years, the career deciding phase of a student’s life.

Days passed and the joining date approached.

30th September 2012, Tuesday, I got up early and departed from Shimla to reach destination which would bemy second home for the next 4 years. After a 110 kilometer tiring journey, I reached Baru Sahib. It was just amazing to see a beautiful heavenly place in the mid of Himalayas, far from the noisy city life. This was the time I understood why Baru Sahib is famously known as the valley of divine peace.

A large multitude of students, 240 in strength, queued up at the University reception, gave me an intuition that my dad had made the right selection for me. Classes started from 1st October 2008, CS-B being my first class. 60 students, all being strangers, gave us an opportunity to introduce ourselves to each other and know each other. Hostel rooms became the all-time hub of discussions and interactions. It was just for the first 2 days that I missed my home, the third day onwards; I had a second family of 239 members. Love, affection, care, help, support and the eternal bonding amongst our hearts can never be forgotten.

The time we joined the university, it was just 4 months old. For the past 4 years, we have been trying our level best to make the two ends meet and make this University world renowned. 4 International conferences and VIHAAN’11 are just a few to mention.

Talking about the students of my batch, I feel proud to have made 239 new friends, who are now an integral part of my life, all from diverse backgrounds, showcasing an ultimate example of unity in diversity,a complete joint family with faculty members playing the role of elder brother/sisters and mama-papa.

I am sure that no educational institution can have a similar batch like my 2008 batch. The students are talented at par excellence. Singers, dancers, musicians, painters, artists, orators, toppers and what not, my batch has all of them with excellence in their respective fields.

Time passed by and today we all stand on the verge of passing out from this place. I got an opportunity to make new friends and learn a number of things which would not have been learnt had I been the part of some other university.

I learnt the CGPA system, a confidential and tedious process performed by the examination department of any university. Today as I pass out from this university, I consider myself to be capable enough of running any university or a college as a good administrator. The 4 years at Eternal University mean a lot to me. It was from 2008 to 2012 that I won a total of 45 trophies in various university, state and national level events. These trophies proudly enhance and beautify the walls of the drawing room at my home attracting the attention of visiting beholders. I got a chance to grow to my fullest, in terms of academics, administration, self-less service and co-curricular activities. I got a chance to be a good leader, a good manager, a good administrator and fore mostly a good lovable friend, who resides in everybody’s hearts. I got a chance to visit a number of other universities and participate in their respective events, winning laurels for my university and proving my worth to the world around. Having been selected as the Campus Ambassador for 5 different organizations, I won a number of free goodies and was able to explore my inner potential as a good leader.

I feel proud to inform you all that I have secured 12th Rank in HPCMAT 2012 making myself eligible to pursue MBA from Himachal Pradesh University Business School with an annual fee of just Rs. 2,000/-only with an annual scholarship fee waiver to the tune on Rs. 98, 000/-. This all has been possible with the blessings of Babaji, my teachers and the love, affection and motivation of my friends, who were always by my side in time of need.

Now as we are all set to leave this worthy institute, I wish all my friends and juniors good luck for their future endeavors.  I am sure the students of my batch will leave no stone unturned to achieve their dreams making their parents and the institution proud.

Now coming on to the teachers, As such I will remember all my teachers and faculty members irrespective of the departments or field they are attached to. I will respect them throughout my life the way I did during my college days. But the teachers whom I would like to thank specially include: Suruchi mam, Dileep sir, Abhilasha mam, Tejinder sir &Bhubneshwar sir. Bhupinder sir &Samikshya mam need a special mention because of their anytime troubleshooting support.

I request the university management to get Feedback forms filled by the students of the outgoing batch to get suggestions for the enhancement of various features in the institute. A few changes, as noticed by students, would make our university shining like a pole star in the sky of higher education.
Formation of an Alumni Association would help the students be in touch with the organization and extend support whenever required.

I hope our juniors will get into our shoes and work in the similar fashion as us, to make the university proud.

I have only one message for you all, rightly quoted in The Sacred Ram Charit Manas,

“Maat Pita Aru Guru Ke Vaani, Binahi Vichari Kariye Shubh Jaani”

means we should blindly obey whatever our mother father and guru command us to do, because they are you well-wishers and want you to be most successful in life.

I assure the university management that I will always be available for any kind help and support in coming days.

While concluding, I, on behalf of all the students of 4th year, 2008 batch, express my whole-hearted gratitude to His Excellency Babaji for showering his precious fruitful blessings on us 10 days before we leave this worthy institute to be a part of the materialistic world.

We assure you sir, your meaningful teaching of MAN – EGO = GOD, prevail of spiritual world over materialistic world and the university motto of world peace through value-based education will always be a guiding light throughout our lives. 

We all will whole-heartedly work in pursuit of world peace and universal brotherhood making our University proud and keep the flag of Eternal University flying high in the sky reaching success, glory towards infinity and up till eternity.

Thank you.

Wish you all good luck ahead. 

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