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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why the hell this discrimination???

Will Reservation Decide our Fate??????
Through this article, I would like to ask a simple question to all those, who in any way, are associated to the cause which made this question, arise.

Day in and day out, since I was born, a word Reservation attracted my attention always. I was just 5 years old, elections to the Legislative Assembly were taking place, I asked my mom that why not anybody from my family was contesting elections??? Mom said because our constituency is reserved. A boy of just 5 years, who can hardly make any decisions, simply took it for granted that Reserved means something bad, which was stopping his closed ones from contesting an election.

Time passed on and I started learning about the facts behind reservation in our history classes. I was really moved to see the cause behind reservation. My views somewhat changed in favour of reservation with an assumption that it was aimed at helping the socially and financially backward classes.

Years passed and I appeared in my AIEEE examination. Luck went against my will and I got just 65 marks with a very low rank. I was sure of not getting admission in any govt. engineering college. Ultimately, I took admission in a newly set-up University where the admission procedure was somewhat lenient and the fate of student getting admitted did not solely depend on a single exam which either made or destroyed his/her life.
Days passed and I met one of my friends, I asked about where he was studying, and was shocked to hear that he was in an NIT. I was speechless because the same student was much weaker in education than me in school days. Ultimately he told me that he got mere 63 marks in AIEEE and got admission in NIT through SC/ST quota.

That fellow was from a well-to-do family. I don’t think that they even had a single sign of being either socially or financially backward. The best privilege, they had, was of being born in a Scheduled Caste family.

Today again, the clock repeats its complete 360 rotation. Whenever applying for a Government job, 
  •  Application Fee: Rs. 450/- only (For General) & Rs. 50/- only (For SC/ST/OBC), or sometimes even FREE. 
Question: Are they so poor that they can't pay the Application fee but study in good colleges to gain education?
  • Eligibility Criteria: 60% (For General) & 55% (For SC/ST).
Question: Do the teachers in class rooms, teach less or pay less attention towards them? 

  • Age Limit: 30 Years (For General) & +5 Years Relaxation (For SC/ST)
Question: Does being born in SC/ST family increase a person's age at a faster rate?

All these are mere Government policies to be-fool people and divide them on the basis of their caste or creed. Every body knows that the real people who need these upliftment policies are far away from reaching them.  
Frankly speaking, I am totally against the caste system and untouchability. Many of my friends belong to SC/ST families, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t share my food with them or I don’t eat whatever their mothers have cooked with love for them. I believe that mankind is the best creation of god and we should all live together with love and affection.

In the present scenario, neither are the SC/STs socially backward nor financially weak. So, why does this wrong practice of reservation still exist?

  • Is their blood not red, but of some other colour?
  • Do they not eat the same food which we eat?
  • Do they not gain their education in the same schools/ Universities where we study?
If all things which we both do are the same, then why the hell this discrimination?

It is not just one Vishal asking this question. The main motive of reservation was to fill out the gap between socially backward classes and the upper castes. But, if this reservation is not taken back with immediate effect, the gap between the two will widen leading to untouchability, social backwardness and financial crunch, this time the so called upper castes being the ultimate victims.

I support Reservation, but not on the basis of Caste background, but on the basis of Financial backgound.
It doesn't mean that being born in a Brahmin family, a person can never be poor or being born in a SC/ST family, a person will always be poor.

So, friends, its high time now, we Stand Against Reservation.
Jai Hind.

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