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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thanks Pranab Da, You made Impossible things Possible

People or dignitaries may come and go; but the system will continue to always say NO.
Dr. Pranab Mukherjee

His Excellency Dr. Pranab Mukherjee, Hon’ble President of Indian Republic was on his two-day visit to the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh. He was here to address Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. He was also the chief guest at the 20th Convocation of Himachal Pradesh University. He inaugurated the Tagore Gallery at All India Institute of Advanced Studies followed by a visit to Barnes Court (Governor’s House). Some members of student organizations in HPU campus could be seen chatting that the President is an Ex-corrupt politician himself and had no moral right to be the chief guest for the convocation. Had the police cantonment not been there in HPU, we would have shown black flags to the President and agitated against his visit. Whatever may the entire lot think about his visit to HPU, as far as an individual like me is concerned, I feel extremely privileged and honoured to have him in our campus. The President of India, by virtue of his position and not his personification, is the topmost person of our country.
Though he is just a nominal head, the position is number one in the nation. He should always be respected for he represents our country in the entire world.
Though, my reason for thanking him through this article is not dependent on his worthy position but rather merely his visit to the campus. I am highly thankful to him for visiting our campus as it was a transformational phase for the entire HPU infrastructure. Here I brief up the transformations which HPU campus saw just one week prior to his visit.
·         The University campus was made peaceful and congenial with the deployment of huge number of police personnel (though on temporary basis).
·         A prime link-road from HPU Administrative block to HPU Campus Bus Stop, which was in extremely bad conditions, muddy and stony, was mettled and is in a very good condition now.
·         The HPU Central Library, one of the largest in the entire state, build in the dimensional architecture of Aryabhatta Satellite launched by India, was awaiting being painted for the past many years. The library located in the centre of the campus, was more of a black mole than a centre of attraction owing to its poor maintenance. But now, the entire library building looks beautiful and attractive as it has finally been painted.
·         The entire departmental buildings have been painted alongwith the railings, notice boards etc.
·         The campus, where it was difficult to locate dustbins, now has a dustbin installed at a gap of every 20 meters.

All thanks to His Excellency the President of India. Though his visit could not change the following things in the campus:
·         The lethargic and adamant attitude of the university administrative staff could not be changed as it is inherent in their behaviour and moreover the Hon’ble President need not deal with them. It’s the student community who will continue to suffer.
·          The daily occurring or rather hourly occurring traffic jams on the summerhill road could not be changed as for His Excellency the roads will be clear but for common lot, the normal long duration waits will continue.

That’s the story all about.
People or dignitaries may come and go;
But the system will continue to always say NO.
A big NO to a positive change;
As it may harm their lethargy range.
The top management needs to take a look;
So that workers are paid and not the crook.
 Soon we will get our nation transform;
Breaking all bars and corruption norm.
That day we all will proudly say JAI HIND,
As Hindustan utthega from a Gehri Neend. :) 


  1. Definitely, Hindustan ko ab toh Uthna Hi Hoga. Perfectly elaborated article and a really good one too

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It is evident from your post that corruption is rampant even at the heart of educational institute of HP, then how can we expect something different from other educational institutes. To my knowledge it is not a rocket science to curb corruption, only requirement is honest and dedicated employee's appointed to the most sensitive and coveted posts.

    Love you my bro you are really an ocean of knowledge, i envy you :)

  4. That is an especially good written article. i will be able to take care to marker it and come back to find out further of your helpful data. many thanks for the post. i will be able to actually come back.

  5. Hi, extremely nice effort. everybody should scan this text. Thanks for sharing.


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