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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The alphabet 'i' got me placement. :)

Hi Friends,
I have a simple question for you all. Can the alphabet 'i' in iPhone provide you with Campus
Various MNCs in India

The simple answer from your side would be a big NO.
But, here, in my case, it did.

On 10th November 2011, a software development company came to our Campus at Baru Sahib and while the HR was addressing the pool of 230 students and presenting his company profile, the word iPhone appeared on one of the ppt slides.

He asked the students, "Can anyone tell me, what alphabet 'i' means in an iPhone?". There was a shrill silence in the auditorium. Taking note of the situation, he said, "The person who will give the answer will be exempted from appearing in the Aptitude Test and will directly reach the Group Discussion round".